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Friday, October 26th, 2012
1:44 pm - Next time we'll adopt 6-b
kdoc27 Part B

The dark-blue comforter is the perfect back-drop for all that incredibly lovely tan/rosy skin.
Too perfect...

My heart is beating in my throat...my ears filled with the sound of blood roaring through my veins...all headed south, apparently, since my brain just stopped working.

Marco is lying there, propped up on one elbow.
The only thing that breaks up the loveliness of his stretched-out body is the slightly paler-blue of my bathrobe...just the edge of it really, draped over his middle.

I don't know if he'd done it on purpose or not...but I can't think enough to care!

Just below the end of the sweet curve of his waist...just above the end of where that deliciously-rounded butt becomes thigh..
He has part of one sleeve pressed to his nose; chest swelling as he breathes deeply...staring into my eyes.

If the alarm had gone off then, it wouldn't have surprised me at all...yeah a dream, that would make sense.

The long, now thicker mass of midnight-black curls frames a face...so like Marco's teen-aged face...
But this body...so truly a man's body now, but still having that same...almost..feminine-curving...the soo delicate balancing of shapes that has always called to me like no other body ever could.




I don't remember coming into the room...closing the door.

I'm just ...there, beside the bed, staring down at him: dizzy from the way his face looks....so like his face when we first met.
The look in his eyes, so like the slightly-suspicious, almost...shocked... delight, that was often in his eyes when I'd come into a room, search for and then walk up to him, back then...

That look that says as clearly as if he'd spoken it:'Can he really want me?'

We both felt that way, a lot back then; each thinking the other couldn't really be serious, just kinda waiting for the 'punch-line'.

He actually thought I was ...like this really 'hot-jock', anyone's dream-date!

I couldn't believe this smart, funny, creative, gentle, kind, wonderful, unbelievably beautiful boy...really liked ME!...wanted to hang-out, and seemed to really enjoy being... with Me!

Marco has never liked movies about zombies,(and the reasons for that are a story all by itself) but he went to one with me...

He told me they frightened him, a lot, but of course I didn't really believe it, or even care that much...not then, Yeah I was just as much 'dumb-jock' as Ellie thought I was back then.

When Marco reached for my hand (during one of the first of the bloody parts of the movie) but then drew back, looking so embarrassed and afraid and.....

I can say, now, that my heart couldn't stand that look...not on his face...couldn't deal with even the idea of him feeling that way.

I leaned over and whispered to him that it was o.k.
After looking at me for a second, seeing that I meant it, he took my hand; gently sliding his fingers between mine.

I can't even tell you how great it felt....that he wanted to.

Marco was serious about how much those movies scare him; and he had a stronger grip than you'd expect.
Yeah, my circulation was gone for most of the rest of the movie, at least during the really bloody-parts, but the feel of his hand in mine was ....like loosing a hand, and getting it back, like....it's hard to explain...

Like this was HOME, where my hand had always belonged..and I'd just...somehow ...forgot/got lost....
And now I was back again.
Yeah, nuts, I know, but thats how it felt.

I could never have said all that then, I would've been sure I'd shrivel-up and die!
Yeah, we've both grown a lot since then, sometimes, when Marco's mad at me, he says ' Great, so now you're a full-grown jerk!', but whatever I am, as long as I'm still his.....I'm good.

I finally remember to breathe, try to say something, but nothing comes out...
Some tension seems to flow out of him as his lips twitch into a slow smile....the dark, super-thick, even longer lashes lower a little and he looks at me through them, and my breathing stutters.
"Dylan..." He says my name like I;ve been gone a long time and we're greeting each other somewhere....public or something.
My heart is pounding so hard, I can barely hear his soft warm voice.

Marco takes my hand, holding on as he gets up onto his knees, his eyes never leaving mine, the bathrobe falls away, and I am kissing those soo soft lips, my hands moving over him; this skin that is just as mind-blowingly smooth as it looks.
My fingers trail down over his cheeks, relearning the shape of his neck...the feel of this new thicker, fuller, somehow....(though I know it's not true) stronger, or tougher or....something, body of his just....I don't have the words to explain what it does to me..
I moan into his mouth, feeling his lips move into a smile against my own.

Marco pulls back, stares into m eyes while his own suddenly fill with tears, and he hides his face against my neck.
I lift him into my arms, siting on the bed, holding him in my lap, so I can lift his chin, gently wipe the tears away with my fingertips.
"Shh, baby don't cry, just tell me." I whisper, my lips brushing his forehead.
"I'm sorry!" he chokes out, arms wrapped round me so tight, and he is shaking too.
"It's o.k., I love you, o.k.?" I rub his back soothingly, and the panicky tightness of his grip on me eases a little.
"It's just that I thought, thought you told 'them' because I grossed you out too much for you to talk to 'me' about it!" he mumbled into my shoulder.
'Marco! What...How...!?!" a glance from those red, still leaking eyes, and a finger touching my lips lightly stops me, and he says "I...I've seen you looking at me, lately...but you don't say....I didn't understand, o.k.?"

Inhaling a long stuttering breath, he blinks at the last of the tears, shakes his head as if to clear it, "It's just so hard to think sometimes, now!" he says exasperatedly.
Smiling at little at the look of concerned baffelment on my face, he just looks at me with this..... half-shame-faced expression that says 'You know!'.....and in a minute, I do.
My mouth drops open as understanding dawns.

Marco ducks his head against my chest; the ticlke of those long soft curls calling to my ever-eager fingers.
Then it's my turn to lapse into silence.
I get it now, but can't imagine how to explain it all to him, so I stall a little, asking a question; a good one, but one that was only to get HIM talking while I thought of how to answer all this.....completely and well, and in a way that wouldn't get me into trouble all over again!
And to give time to get a grip.

I know it was a cop-out.
But I have my arms full of naked MARCO!
Thinking isn't what I feel like doing, what I feel/want....is......we need to go home for!

Reaching back for the bathrobe, feeling all kinds of other things(that I also can't say) because he did something like that....brought it with him...even though he was mad at me at the time....puts enough of a lump in my throat to slow my hormones down....a little.

I put it round his shoulders, and he pulls some of it over his lap, resting his head on my shoulder, the look on his face says that he has no idea of how deeply his little 'attention-getter' has effected me; thats what it was about you see: proving to himself that I can still be knocked-out over the sight of him.

Now he knows.

He's fine now.
I'm still......more than a little...lost in fantasy land.

I wrap my arms round him, bury my nose in his hair, inhaling deeply as I get myself more under control, and ask; "So who got me off death-row?"
He chuckles, kissing my neck, which starts to wreck my calming down efforts, but what he says next makes everything look better.

Looking into my eyes with a sudden, knowing smile; and this close I just stare helplessly back into his, he says; "Lets talk about it in our bedroom. Take me home babe, please?"

He put a little extra something into the 'please', like I might consider saying no to his request.

As if!!!

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Friday, October 28th, 2011
4:41 pm - Say it Again 6/6

Title: Say It Again

Author: blueskyhawk

Fandom: Degrassi: Next Generation

Pairing: Alex & Paige

Words: 1,432

Rating: T (PG-13)

Spoilers: Lexicon of Love Pts. 1 & 2, and anything before.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters in Degrassi; I'm just taking them out for a bit of fun...

Summary: This takes place shortly after Lexicon of Love pt. 2. Alex and Paige have decided to start dating, and pretty much everyone knows about their budding romance.


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Friday, September 23rd, 2011
9:33 pm - Say it Again 4/6 AND 5/6

Title: Say It Again

Author: blueskyhawk

Fandom: Degrassi: Next Generation

Pairing: Alex & Paige

Words: 634 (chapter 4) 1,524 (chapter 5)

Rating: T (PG-13)

Spoilers: Lexicon of Love Pts. 1 & 2, and anything before.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters in Degrassi; I'm just taking them out for a bit of fun...

Summary: This takes place shortly after Lexicon of Love pt. 2. Alex and Paige have decided to start dating, and pretty much everyone knows about their budding romance.

Chapter 4: http://blueskyhawk.livejournal.com/4512.html

Chapter 5: http://blueskyhawk.livejournal.com/4512.html

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Thursday, September 22nd, 2011
5:50 pm - Say it Again 3/6

Title: Say It Again

Author: blueskyhawk

Fandom: Degrassi: Next Generation

Pairing: Alex & Paige

Words: 1,026

Rating: T (PG-13)

Spoilers: Lexicon of Love Pts. 1 & 2, and anything before.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters in Degrassi; I'm just taking them out for a bit of fun...

Summary: This takes place shortly after Lexicon of Love pt. 2. Alex and Paige have decided to start dating, and pretty much everyone knows about their budding romance.


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Tuesday, September 20th, 2011
9:44 pm - Say it Again 2/6

Title: Say It Again 2/6

Author: blueskyhawk

Fandom: Degrassi: Next Generation

Pairing: Alex & Paige

Words: 1,171

Rating: T (PG-13)

Spoilers: Lexicon of Love Pts. 1 & 2, and anything before.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters in Degrassi; I'm just taking them out for a bit of fun...

Summary: This takes place shortly after Lexicon of Love pt. 2. Alex and Paige have decided to start dating, and pretty much everyone knows about their budding romance.


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Thursday, September 8th, 2011
9:02 pm - Palex anyone?

Hey all - I know its been a couple of years since Palex (Paige/Alex) were on the show, but I was just wondering if there is still an interest in them?

I ask because I have two completed Palex fanfics I'd love to share if anyone is interested...?

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Saturday, July 16th, 2011
1:42 pm
kdoc27  <input ... >
TV Shows » Degrassi » Knowing Each Other
Author: kdoc27 <input ... ><select ... ><option ... >1. Chapter 1</option><option ... >2. Chapter 2</option><option ... >3. Hiding and Seeking</option><option ... >4. Chapter 4</option><option ... >5. Chapter 5</option><option ... >6. Chapter 6</option><option ... >7. Chapter 7</option><option ... >8. Chapter 8</option></select><input ... >
Rated: M - English - Romance/General - Reviews: 1 - Published: 03-25-11 - Updated: 06-23-11id:6846764

Dylan arrives at school the next morning in his dads van. He has given some of his teammates a ride. There is not much time before the first bell.

The tight blue shirt that nearly matches his eyes gets Marco's attention right away. For a moment he sees nothing else!

"Hey Marco !" Dylan, grinning, stops to give him a high-five. "After math...o.k.?" The somewhat flustered boy looked up into his boyfriends eyes, smiles shyly. "Yeah, sure!"

The warning bell catches Marco staring at the movement of that long gorgeous body. He slams his locker and hurries to his first class, trying to organize his now completely scattered thoughts.

"Mr. Michalchuk?" The teachers' raised voice repeats the question.

His answer, correct, and given so casually earns him a pleased smile from his teacher and a few raised eyebrows from some of his classmates.

Today he is ready for the world!

The way MARCO DEL ROSSI had looked at HIM! The near shocked look in his eyes, the parted lips...

Nobody else had ever tasted those lips... No other fingertips had ever...

The test papers were being handed out. He took one and passed the rest back.

...Just one kiss...soon... He could leave when he finished the test.

It was good to be a senior... With a smile that is almost a smirk, he picks up his pencil.

There is no drama class today.

The props' storage room is a place Marco uses a lot. He has designed and helped build many of these props.

Sometimes lately, Dylan helps. They could easily be working on or planning something new.

Hiding... They both wish... But for now... F#k It!

Dylan gets there first. Looking around he smiles with pride and not a little wonder.

This incredibly creative boy. There are pieces of sets, costumes.

Marco draws, paints, acts, sings,... and dances!

Catching sight of his own reflection in an old mirror he pokes his tongue out at it, and laughs a little, shaking his head.

Hearing the door open, watching him step into the bright square of light cast by the one high window.

The delighted smile on that lovely face steals Dylan's breath... Stops his heart...

Touching that face with his fingertips, looking down into those adoring eyes...God, those eyes...! Those long black lashes against that warm olive skin.

"God you're so beautiful!" Before Marco can turn away, deny it as he usually does, Dylan's lips are against his...

This kiss begins as a mere brush of lips, but when Marco's lips part in surprise Dylan is suddenly kissing him as he never has before... Lips, tongue, and teeth taking possession...demanding surrender.

Marco moans helplessly, his nails raking Dylan's back beneath the shirt. A growl vibrates through Dylan's chest. His hands, which had been buried in all that soft black hair seem to move by themselves; sliding over the younger boy's body like a blind man learning the shape of his lover.

Head spinning, heart thudding, lost in the taste and feel that is like no other...Marco...Marco...Marco! ..

New to these wild hungry kisses and caresses, Marco feels like his whole body is on fire. His shirt is ... gone? ...

One hand moves around Dylan's waist; the other is sliding over those tight perfect abs...the thumb alternately brushing... pressing against Dylan's navel.

Dylan wrapped the small sweetly responsive boy in his arms.

Drawing in a ragged breath, he opens his eyes... Blinking in shock, he realizes what he has done...

One deceptively small but strong arm holds him tightly, while a hand slides lower...

He takes hold of that small burning hand.(The traitor below aches for that touch-cares not at all where they are or who might see..."Yes! now, right now!" His body seems to scream. "You'll never get another chance!") ..

."Marco!" He whispers ...almost like a prayer...

The unintelligible stream of Italian that is being mumbled against his chest slows...stops...

Looking down, seeing all the love and trust behind the excitement in those dark eyes; he feels himself calming.

Pressing the palm of that hand to his cheek, smiling, he whispers..."Marco Del Rossi..."

Swallowing the other thing he wanted...knew he would say...today, he brought Marco's hand to his lips, pressing a kiss into it...

He lifts the smaller boy so that they are face, to face ...holds him there...

They stare into each others still flushed faces...eyes speaking to eyes...

Tags: marco/dylan. marco forever, marcos' first time

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1:40 pm
kdoc27 <input ... >
TV Shows » Degrassi » Knowing Each Other
Author: kdoc27 <input ... ><select ... ><option ... >1. Chapter 1</option><option ... >2. Chapter 2</option><option ... >3. Hiding and Seeking</option><option ... >4. Chapter 4</option><option ... >5. Chapter 5</option><option ... >6. Chapter 6</option><option ... >7. Chapter 7</option><option ... >8. Chapter 8</option></select><input ... >
Rated: M - English - Romance/General - Reviews: 1 - Published: 03-25-11 - Updated: 06-23-11id:6846764

kdoc27 Current Location: Pub. Lib.

He wants me!" Dylan's face stretched in what felt like a permanent grin.

Alternately speeding and nearly coming to a complete stop. He had to remind himself to get going again when he stopped for red lights or stop signs; catching himself just sitting there... daydreaming.

MARCO DEL ROSSI! Was this... If anyone had asked him ...before tonight... He would've said it was no more than your usual red-hot crush. Nothing serious right?

Lots of hand- holding, kiss stealing...Maybe a little more staring into each other's eyes than necessary. But that was to be expected, right?

After all their eyes were such different colors; of course they both...

Of course they each checked the other out... Without acting like they were.

So what if I take my shirt off as soon as I know he sees me? I know he likes the view...

Like I like the view when he's dancing...or practicing for a play...those tight costumes... the play of muscle ...

Tomorrow he would have to get shirtless almost before he saw him. If he left Marco too much time to think things over he'd get all worried, tied up in knots about it. He could be so hard on himself. Worrying what people thought, about saying or doing the wrong thing.

He relaxes with me. Yeah, I dig that. That he gets too caught up to do the -let's think about every move before making it- thing.

Dylan realized he was actually planning this ...like the moves in a hockey game; how to keep Marco thinking of him/them instead of 'what ifs'! He figured he'd wear one of his tight-fitting shirts. One that matched his eyes. That he would seem busy between classes; so they only had time to smile at each other...stay kinda out of reach ...

yeah...?What the...

I'm just thinking it out ...so everything goes..

.Well...The way I want it to... Yeah, thats all. No big deal.

He's my boyfriend, I should care...

...about him not stressing out. And looking good for him is just..

."O.k...so I care about him..." "So what?"

In his minds eye he saw Marco smiling, looking up at him, laughing with him. Felt the weight of him in his arms. Felt his stomach flipping at the thought of these things!

He swallowed hard. "O. k!" ..But...Had his voice just shook? He cleared his throat, frowning a little.

More pictures of their times together went through his mind...And he was smiling... gently. "O.k. so I do care... Maybe even Lo..."

The blast of a car horn from right behind him shocked him from these thoughts. He got going. To keep himself from thinking anymore, he reached out, turning the radio up, and putting his foot down!

Dylan was only a little surprised to find his father in the family's garage. A snifter of brandy sat near him on a shelf. In the James and Marie-Elise Michalchuk family things were just the opposite of the Del Rossi's . Dylan could talk to his father about anything and everything.

His dad always knew when something was going on with him. His mom was great, but she dealt more with the way things were supposed to look and be. She loved him, but was more than a little uncomfortable about his sexuality.

He had inherited her hair and eye color, but the curls and his personality were his dads. He had been able to come out to his dad first, then Paige of course. His dad had been the one to give him 'The Talk'.

Not just the biological side, but also the 'how to treat your respective other(s) as well.

Things that should be noticed, the respect, the compliments, meeting the parents,etc. Yes, there would be those who would never be more than a P.O.A;but they were still people not disposable 'things'.

His dad was not only a very sharp business man, but a pretty decent guy. He also played poker, and chess, and had taught Dylan both.

"Greetings oh fruit of my loins, what..." He stopped ; looking steadily at his son, picking up the glass.

Dylan looked back at him, tried to speak. Tried to swallow past the lump in his throat. Mr. Michalchuk glanced down at the glass, smiled lopsidedly and handed it to the boy. "You may need this more than I do."

Coming around to sit beside him in the car, bringing the bottle with him, he said "I hoped you'd have a little more time.

Dylan looked him, tears standing in his eyes. The brandy was easing some of the shakes out of him. His father started "Have you.." Shaking his head, Dylan cut him off, "No, not...Maybe this weekend." His dad nodded."What's he like?"

Dylan grinned, wiping tears off his cheeks. "Perfect..." "Straight A's, designs sets, and builds props in drama, Plays the bass guitar in a band. Will probably be student council president next." Shakes his head in wonder, "Me!"... And suddenly he is crying and shaking all over.

His father puts an arm around him, takes the glass from his trembling hands. They sit that way for a moment while Dylan tries to get a grip.

"He's beautiful, and shy, and..." "But tonight..." "And I'm like...Finally!...yeah!" "Then I'm driving home. Planning,Tomorrow ." "Planning...stretching the ...the ...you know...Not doing "everything" at once." "Taking him some place special, and ...I think...Why?" "Why am I making such a big deal outta this?"

"How could...?"...!

His dad chuckles, nodding,"Oh yeah...The big 'L'!" "One minute you're 10 miles high, the next you're scared shit-less."

"After all these years...there are times...I still can't believe your mother chose me!" "She could've had her pick, but she really ...really wanted ..me..."

Dylan is nodding, smiling again. "Yeah...like when he smiles ...when nobody else can see." "Just for me..."

His dad puts a hand on his shoulder,squeezes. "C'mon before the laddies get curious!"

They head into the house to get cleaned up for dinner.

Play-boxing their way up the stairs, they earn a -boys will boys- eye-roll from Maire-Elise and Paige.

Hey," His dad taps him on the forehead, "Try to do most of you're planning with this one!" Blushing, but grinning, Dylan gives him a mock-salute.

"Sir ! Yes sir!" , he says . "Good man !" With that they march off laughing.

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1:37 pm
kdoc27  <input ... >
TV Shows » Degrassi » Knowing Each Other
Author: kdoc27 <select ... ><option ... >1. Chapter 1</option><option ... >2. Chapter 2</option><option ... >3. Hiding and Seeking</option><option ... >4. Chapter 4</option><option ... >5. Chapter 5</option><option ... >6. Chapter 6</option><option ... >7. Chapter 7</option><option ... >8. Chapter 8</option></select><input ... >
Rated: M - English - Romance/General - Reviews: 1 - Published: 03-25-11 - Updated: 06-23-11id:6846764

It is finally Friday. He was beginning to believe it was going to all work out just the way they had planned.

Their parents had been told that the whole gang was going to the mall. Together. Shopping and then a movie. The boys were supposed to be going to Jimmy's to spend the night. The girls were supposed to be at Paige's.

They had no idea the couples would be pairing up and spending the night where ever and however they chose.

Dylan , thinking of their age differences tried to take it slow and carefully with his new boyfriend.

The trouble was; it didn't feel 'new' to him at all..It felt more like they had been together forever, but had just...got...separated...somehow...and had finally found each other again.

They were complete opposites.

Dylan,bold and adventurous and completely addicted to horror movies. Marco, careful and cautious-more interested in musicals,comedy's, and fantasy-type movies.

In spite of these things, they could do anything together. Dylan couldn't get over how exciting it was just to Be with the younger boy. How he could seem to just look at him and tell what he was thinking; especially if something was bothering him.

It wasn't like Dylan to spend as much time as he did now planning things with someone else's likes and dislikes in mind.

Both boys were still a little amazed at the ease of it all.

Both were certain that the other was 'The Prize'! Marco mystified at how this Gorgeous Golden Dream, as he saw Dylan,could find him special enough to even give him the time of day; Dylan, while being well aware of the doors his looks and personality opened for him, had never thought of himself as anything special.

Marco Del Rossi was just too adorable for his own good; that perfectly toned, lovely dancers body. The dark,completely unblemished skin,the plump, pink,so kissable ,all that...and...

Those eyes. Those melting,heart-stopping,soul-swallowing he looked up at Dylan through those thick dark lashes,and smiled a him a certain way... Breathless...speechless...helpless.

The older boy had always been the one in control of these things before. This time he was often unable to stop himself...

He found himself sneaking out of his room at night, sometimes just to watch the boy sleep.

The other day, he had cut class to hang out with him in drama; he knew how to smile his way past that particular teacher, besides, he WAS a senior,so who really cared.

His Marco was just so amazing!

He played the bass guitar-in a band,got almost straight A's, never got into trouble. Nothing like Dylan with all his dares and pranks!

All the girls seemed to be at least half in love with him. Getting him away from some of them could be a job sometimes, even now.

The guys, the ones who weren't his friends, were green with envy over all this.

In Dylan's case it just sometimes left him feeling tongue-tied.

He could think of a million things that he wanted to tell his young boyfriend, and then when they were finally alone, only be able to hold him...speechless...or kidding around because he just... well... ...sometimes had trouble putting two words passionate side of 'HIS' Marco, had come as a surprise...

Dylan had picked him up after band practice. He had left the top down on his convertible on purpose; he loved to watch all that soft, raven-black hair blowing, floating around his face. Loved the way he turned his head to the side, finger-combing it back, exposing that spot...just below his jaw...

The way Marco held on to him sooo tight when he kissed him there...tongue swirling over that incredible salty-sweetness.

Knowing that the younger boy had never dated anyone seriously before, he had expected, was kinda looking forward to teaching him ...certain things. Marco was so careful and cautious in nearly everything, so Dylan just naturally figured he would have to spend a long time coaxing and teasing the physical side of things along.

He had a special place all picked out...

There was, of course, a 'real' need for privacy in their case...

Yeah it still burned that 'they' couldn't just sit in the park like 'ordinary' lovers; or in a theater, not without having to be very careful. So many things that should be simple and natural were still denied to couples like them.

So much for Christian love and understanding...

here was the one priest though...

Marco had gotten him to go to church with him a few times. The guy had seemed to be fine with it. He had referred to Dylan as Marco's 'young man'; the way his mom did Spinner, when she was talking to Paige...

Weird...but kinda nice too...

There was a pond near the edge of the family's property. To get there from the highway you had to know which gate; after that it was just a short drive down a curving dirt road. This had been one of Dylan's favorite places to go and get away from Paige when she was younger.

There were frogs...great...whopping...big...bullfrogs! One of these; put down her blouse by a laughing Dylan had sent her running, screaming for their mother! Yeah...so what if he'd had to be really nice to her for almost a week...She never came back!

He hoped Marco would like it.

So, leaving the radio on; they got out so Marco could take a look around.

The moon was rising large and bright. The frogs quiet...-like even they knew this was a special night. Dylan took his time putting the top up,...just killing time...

Marco came to him; smiling, reaching for him. "It's perfect!"

The soft smile on the younger boys' face was perfect to Dylan; he just had to hold him close for a moment,...just one quick brush of lips...

Marcos' arms went round his him, setting him on the hood of the car was just a reflex...really...They had done this before.

Dylan only had holding him (o.k. so he could reach those too kissable lips without having to bend over) in mind.

Nothing serious...

Just a little make-out session to celebrate finding them what he hoped would become 'Their Spot".

He stepped between Marcos' knees, and gently cupped his face with his fingertips. Smiling at the way his heartbeat quickened at the sight of the answering smile on his boyfriends' lips.

Just to surprise him...catch him a little off-guard (this often brought on some really adorable blushes), he got hold of a handful of that soft hair, and pulled, tipping the boys head back.

He found that sweet sensitive spot just under Marcos' jaw. Kissing and nipping he worked his way down that side of his neck and , Marcos' hands were in his hair...pulling his face up ...locking lips ...teeth and tongue possessing him...spinning his already dizzy head faster...Seeming to stop his racing heart in mid beat.

Legs locked round Dylan's waist,Marco was completely lost in this wild feeling ...want?...need? He didn't know, didn't care...couldn't..

Trembling, feeling like all the blood in his veins had turned to liquid fire, sensing only that Dylan could somehow (feed/put out),...something...

When Dylan felt one hot hand slide under his shirt; the thumb finding his nipple, circling as the tongue sliding against his lips circled, he thought he might faint.

His head went back, eyes shut ,panting,struggling to catch his breath. 'My god Marco!",he groaned, wrapping him tightly in his arms.

Trying to regain control of his shuddering, wildly excited body... Feeling each heartbeat pounding in his head."Jesus...!" He whispered into Marcos' hair, when he had breath enough to, felt the boy tense against him; legs easing their grip.

"Sorry."Marco mumbled against his chest

He took hold of those tense shoulders pulled back to look down into his face. "Well I'm not!" "It's just...Wow!"

Marco looked up at him, saw that he only looked pleased and excited. His shoulders relaxed then. He touched the older boys' face, his thumb moving over the smiling lips.

"It's...I want..." Letting his hand drop, he ducked his head. Too embarrassed to say it.

Dylan lifted the shy boys' face. Those eyes...So wide...Adoring...Full of want... Wanting him!

He let go of his face to pick him up and spin them around! "Yes!" Dylan felt he would explode with happiness!

"Dyl!" Marco had to yell to get his giddy boyfriends' attention. He stopped, feeling the tremors shaking Marcos' body.

Putting him down, but holding him close, he rubbed his back soothingly. "It's o.k...o.k.",he whispered. "I want you too!"

"I just don't want to rush you into..." Marco pulled back, looking up at Dylan like he didn't dare believe this; a half smile dawning, lighting his face up!

Dylan had to kiss those now smiling lips,,,,Those eyes... Had to pick him up... cradling him in his arms he sat down on the hood of the car.

They rested their foreheads together for a moment;...till, smiling wickedly, Dylan leaned back... pulling Marco on top of him.

He only stayed that way for a few seconds, rolling them so that he was on top...

For a minute Marco stopped breathing.

Dylan, holding most of his weight on his arms,waited... The shocked tension slowly left Marcos' body; and it wasn't fear making him tremble when his arms went round Dylan's waist, pressing them tightly together.

The drive back went slowly.

Every now and then Dylan brushed his lips over the back of the hand that fit so perfectly in his own. Marco Del Rossi! ...

If both their watch alarms hadn't gone off within seconds of each other...

Dylan knew he wouldn't get much sleep tonight...

He would take Marco home. On time!...

He wanted zero trouble with either set of parents! Not now! He was still far from calm, his heart still beating a little too fast.

Near Marco's house they stopped.

Marco popped the seat belt... reaching for him... trailing fingertips down his face, brushing lips over the back of the hand still clasped in his own.

In that moment, Dylan couldn't have resisted kissing him if his life depended on it...

Getting out in front of his house, Marco turned back.

Their eyes locked. "Tomorrow?", he asked.


One word spoken like a vow...

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Thursday, February 24th, 2011
2:46 pm - can I get an opinion?
The Athlete and the Artist(Marco/Dylan 1)

February 10th, 15:28
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                                                   Three and a half weeks,after the(first)break up:      Dylan is walking to Marcos' house.  He parked up the street. Feels that if he just parked out front  Marco will never let him in. But Mrs. Del Rossi might......  His fist feels almost too heavy to lift....to knock ... It is Mrs.Del Rossi who opens the door. She stares at him,anger,sadness then finally pity change places on her face. She backs away,   opening the door...    Last week it took half the team,and his coach to pull him off a teammate at practice. He thought the kid said "Man you're so missing your Marco!"  Yeah, of course it was 'marks'. Lately the the only place he couldn't score was in the rink. He was so sure Marco would have at least called by now. Everybody else had,and it was driving him nuts. Coach said don't come back on his ice till he got whatever it was straightened out.                       Marco is down at the church. The priest has been a good friend for years and has always given good advice. He even tries to encourage him to begin talking to his father about his sexuality. They are discussing what he should do about his lingering feelings for Dylan. He can't just turn off the love,but the hurt is so big! It was nothing he thought  could ever happen between them. He wonders  if he did the right thing in breaking up with him. His friend tells him,"Yes,it was the right thing for now."     "If  anyone is unwilling to stop doing something they know is hurting you they don't really love you." "What you are,what you feel and believe,if these things are not shared, there is no relationship."  "Yeah, spinner says anything else is just a (blushing) P.O.A."  The priest smiles,"If I had heard that it might cost you a few Hail-Mary's, so ..." He stands up putting a hand on his young friends shoulder. "You pray about it again,ask what you truly want. He may say yes, or he might say 'I can see all of it, and trust me, you don't want to go there!'"    "He will always love us. You have  known you are truly his son too, long enough to know what  his answers feel like. You'll know it when it comes." Marco smiles, a little sadly. "Guess I better get home before mom starts to worry." The priest stops him as he is turning to go..."I don't know Dylan, but he sounds like what most of the girls your age still call a dumb-jock?" Marco bites his bottom lip,looking at the floor then back up at him with a slight smile. " Marco the kind of feelings that you can think about,.. talk about  easily often frighten boys like that. Your father is kinda like that. Do you see?"  For the first time in what feels like forever the pain of it all eases a little. Outside.......He pauses ....looks up...his head,eyes closed...."Please....." Just that one word.    In the space between one breath and the next.....some feeling......like joy....like coming home . When he opens his eyes,the world is unchanged....of course.... Going down the steps. Turning for home. There....on the sidewalk.....Dylan......

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Thursday, February 17th, 2011
2:46 pm - The first story in my journal-opins. needed!
Poll #1706205 The Athlet and the Artist

Like or dislike.

Mean: 0.00 Median: 0 Std. Dev 0.00

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Monday, January 3rd, 2011

Coming Soon! Greenwood Academy! A pan-fandom roleplaying game - Degrassi welcome, and we are slash friendly!

Find out more!Collapse )

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Monday, September 6th, 2010
11:38 pm - Fic; Degrassi: TNG; Read Me Like a Book (Peter/Riley, PG-13)

Read Me Like a Book by finkpishnets
Degrassi: TNG | Peter/Riley | PG-13 | ~2,287
In which Riley needs help studying for exams, Peter is jealous, and Anya is no help whatsoever.

A/N: For the hs_bingo prompt ‘exams’. Inspired by Riley’s line in 10x18: “I’ve only had four crushes in my life. Three of them turned out to be gay and the jury’s still out on Peter.” Set post 10x18 but AU from there.

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Monday, August 30th, 2010
2:59 pm - Announcement: New game


fandom_dutchman is a pan-fandom livejournal roleplaying game.

All fandoms accepted!

Apply at fandom_dutchman!

delete if not allowed, pimp if it is!

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Friday, April 2nd, 2010
12:06 am

So hai... new person here...

I'm Tay, passionate about writing and history, pansexual, and totally in love with Degrassi. I'm not going to post my life story (frankly, I lack one) but I was just here with a question;

I'm really interested in writing a J.T. slash fic (for some reason, I'm always drawn to the comedic, slightly awkward adorable characters and he's my fave<3), especially since there's a devastatingly small selection of it. SO question;

Who do you all see J.T. with of all the male characters on the show that he's interacted with? (I'm mostly looking season six, but really, if you think it could work I'm all for it) I have a few people I'd slash him with but I don't know what could be... believable, y'know?

So, suggestions? (:

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Saturday, January 9th, 2010
5:50 pm - No One Else



Title: No One Else
Rating: R
Fandom: Degrassi TNG
Pairing: Jay/Spinner
Warnings: Slash, implied sex
Author's Notes: Um, I'm not sure what this is, but it's kinda cool. Kind of like a character/relationship study, I suppose. :D
Progress: 1/1
Prompt: Complicated at 10iloveyou 

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Friday, January 8th, 2010
5:24 pm - Lifeline


Title: Lifeline
Rating: PG-13
Fandom: Degrassi TNG
Pairings: Jay/Spinner, Marco/Dylan, Ellie/Paige
Warnings: Slash, femmeslash, implied sex
Author's Notes: Title is from Papa Roach's song by the same name, but this isn't a songfic. Seems I'm stuck in a rut writing this pairing. :D? 
Progress: 1/1 complete
Prompt: You'll Do at un_love_you 

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Saturday, January 2nd, 2010
2:47 pm - 20 Drabbles For drabble123

Title: A Hundred Words To Break Your Heart
Rating: R-NC-17
Fandom: Degrassi TNG
Pairings: Jay/Spinner, mentioned Marco/Dylan and Paige/Alex
Warnings: Slash, femmeslash, dark!themes, implied rape, emotional abuse, physical abuse, angst, thoughts of suicide/death
Author's Notes: A series of 100 word drabbles. The title for each is the prompt. Darkest thing I've ever written. I'm pleased with it though.
Prompt: Angst table at drabble123 
Progress: 20/20 complete
Word Count: 100 for each drabble

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Friday, January 1st, 2010
7:23 pm - Completed Prompt Table For 10pastryhearts

This is my completed table for 10pastryhearts. Everyone is Spinner/Jay, though some are apart of a series, so read the Author's Notes to get the links to the other fics. All of them come with their own sets of ratings and warnings and all that jazz. Read and enjoy. Let me know what you think. I don't want this comm to die out!

.xxxx. P O E M .xxxx.
sorrow joy girl
boy silver gold
secret never told
.xxxx. lullaby .xxxx.

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Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009
7:58 pm - Prompt Table From Story_Lottery

01. #03 - a flash of lightning 02. #04 - a soap bubble 03. #12 - a sunset
04. #18 - the full moon 05. #22 - a second 06. #27 - fire
07. BONUS PROMPT! #24 - a rainbow

All of the stories have their own set of warnings, ratings, ect. All of the fics are Jay/Spinner, except the last prompt, rainbow, it's an original piece. Enjoy and let me know what you think. :D

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